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What is A.Word.A.Week

A.Word.A.Week is the weekly version of A.Word.A.Day (AWAD) .

Every week we'll introduce one word from AWAD's archives, slow and easy:

  • Monday - new word with definition.
  • Tuesday - etymology of the word.
  • Wednesday - quote #1 of the word (word usage).
  • Thursday - quote #2 of the word (word usage).
  • Friday - Challenge Yourself to Use the Word Day

Why A.Word.A.Week?
AWAW was born from the love of words, but the inability to learn them as easily as one-word-a-day. Failing memory *winks* and increasingly busy schedules are common challenges accompanying this affliction. At AWAW, we're using the tools of repetition (five-days-a-week) and reinforcement (seeing the word in different forms) to help you really learn the word.

Thanks and Acknowledgements
AWAW would not be possible without AWAD. Thanks to Anu and his team of wordsmiths for their effort and dedication to spreading the magic of words. If you have not heard of AWAD, we encourage you to check them out. At the most, we at AWAW can introduce you to only 52 words a year-- they introduce at least 365 words. ;)